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A new or an used car engine?

The engine is the heart of every car and must therefore be maintained as good as possible. Due to damage or wear the engine might have to be replaced. It might cost you a lot of money. We will give you some tips about engine replacement, to avoid unpleasant surprises.

The first question: do you need an entirely new car engine? Perhaps you only have to replace some loose engine parts? This will cost less money.

If your car engine has to be replaced, you must decide whether to buy a brand-new- or an used one.

Loose engine parts

If you are lucky, you only have to replace a worn part. An engine consists of numerous parts and the price depends on:

  • The specific part (a crankshaft is more expensive than a piston spring)
  • Can you replace it yourself or do you need a technician?
  • The car brand/engine that requires a new part. BMW parts are more expensive than Opel parts.

In addition, you must know if you need a petrol- or a diesel engine. There are many similarities, but a fuel engine for example doesn’t have a particulate filter.

Brand-new or used

If you have a large budget and you prefer the very best engine, a brand-new one would be your first choice. However, in many cases, a brand-new engine is way too expensive.

Sometimes, the engine block of an older car (or even an Oldtimer) isn’t manufactured anymore. In that case, an used car engine would be the best choice.

Inexpensive car engine and parts

De Boer Auto Onderdelen has specialized in disassembling scrap cars. Usually, these cars still still contain high-quality parts.

In our database you will find all parts, amongst others loose parts for a car engine or even a complete motor block! Click here to check our current stock.

We give you the opportunity to purchase well-functioning parts for your engine, or even a complete engine at sharp prices. Each day, we receive all kinds of car parts, from luxurious car brands as well.

In addition, we also purchase brand-new car parts worldwide at low prices.

More information?

Would you like to replace your car engine or some loose parts? Please, feel free to visit our modern breaker’s yard in Stadskanaal (Groningen). In addition, our technicians are more than willing to think along and can give you sound advice. After all, it’s their profession!

Of course you can also contact us by telephone or e-mail. Check our website for more information and our contact data