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Inexpensive airco condenser replacement

The airco condenser plays a very important role within a well-functioning airco system. Unfortunately it might break down due to wear or other damage. A new air condenser is expensive. Fortunately there are inexpensive alternatives.

You can save a lot of money if you replace your airco condenser by an used airco condenser.

What is an airco condenser?

The airco system of your car consists of several components, such as the compressor, the filter, the expansion valve and the blower.

A condenser ensures that steam and other gaseous substances are condensed into a liquid. In the condenser, vapour is cooled by means of wind and possibly an airco fan. Finally, gas is pumped into the airco filter drier as liquid.

A well-functioning airco condenser is of great importance as it ensures that the airco refrigerant coming out of the compressor in gaseous form at a temperature of about 65 degrees is immediately cooled down before it continuous its way through the system.

How do I know the airco condenser is defective?

The condenser is located at the front of the car and isn’t only exposed to weather conditions, but to dirt, grit and chippings as well. The slats might corrode and the airco condenser might get clogged or damaged.

As soon as your airco system loses pressure when switched on, your condenser is defective. In that case it will start leaking.

Due to a defective air condenser your entire airco system will be out of order. Not only inconvenient, but dangerous as well as your windows get misted. A defective condenser should be replaced as soon as possible!

Purchasing an used airco condenser

Nowadays, the filter that removes moisture and dirt from the refrigerant is usually integrated in the airco condenser. Therefore, it is important to check if you need an airco condenser with integrated or separate filter.

You don’t want to spend too much money on a new airco condenser? An used condenser is a perfect and inexpensive alternative.

In our breaker’s yard De Boer Auto Onderdelen we regularly receive scrap cars with high-quality spare parts that deserve a second life

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Spare parts are only offered upon completion of the safeguard procedure.

In addition, we also purchase brand-new car parts worldwide at sharp prices, amongst others airco condensers.

More information?

Do you need assistance in selecting a suitable airco condenser? Please, feel free to visit our breaker’s yard in Stadskanaal (Groningen). Our experienced mechanics are always willing to think along and can give you solid advice!

Would you like to replace your airco condenser and are you curious what De Boer Auto Onderdelen can do for you? You can always contact us by e-mail, telephone or social media. On our website you can find our contact data and opening hours..