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Replacing or overhauling your gearbox at a sharp price

Is your gearbox defective and are you looking for an inexpensive solution? You have come to the right address! De Boer Auto Onderdelen offers a wide range of car parts, such as amongst others different brands of gearboxes!

Replacing or overhauling your defective gearbox by an used gearbox could save you a lot of money. In our innovative database you will find a wide range of car parts inclusive of their history and technical specifications. In addition, our employees are more than willing to think along with you and can give you sound advice.

Gearbox overhaul costs

Each day our breaker’s yard receives numerous damaged cars. It concerns all kind of brands, even luxurious brands. Usually these cars failed the annual vehicle inspection but still contain high-quality parts. As it concerns used car parts, you can purchase them at attractive prices.

No matter what type of gearbox you need, we will probably have it for you! On our website you will find our current offer of scrap cars.

As our professional employees disassemble the damaged cars, you will definitely get a high-quality gearbox. In case of minimal damage or deviations, we will of course inform you.

The car parts will be offered upon completion of the safeguard procedure. We take over all paperwork for you.

Replace your gearbox with new parts

Perhaps you prefer new parts for your gearbox? You have come to the right address!

Besides used car parts we offer brand-new ones as well. Thanks to our extensive worldwide network we can purchase loose car parts at sharp prices. On our website you can easily search for car brand or loose car parts.

You can’t find the gearbox you need? Please, don’t hesitate to contact us. Perhaps we will receive this gearbox in a couple of days. Of course we will keep you informed. Besides, our employees are always willing to think along or offer alternative solutions.