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Particulate filter replacement

A well-functioning particulate filter is indispensable for any diesel car. Although such a particulate filter has a long life, it will finally break down due to blockage or age. If cleaning is not the solution, your particulate filter must be replaced. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money.

How does a particulate filter work?

A particulate filter reduces the emission of particulate matter and is, therefore, important for the environment and for your own health. Older diesel cars usually don’t have a particulate filter. However, a particulate filter is becoming increasingly mandatory for diesel cars, for example to get access to certain cities.

The particulate filter is located between the engine and the exhaust system. As the filter requires warmth, it is positioned as close near the engine as possible.

The particulate filter filters the black smuts and, thus, limits the amount of harmful substances that finally leave the exhaust. We distinguish two types of particulate filters:

  • Closed particulate filters: Modern cars are usually fitted with these filters. The filters have a metal shell. Inside they have a kind of porous wall.
  • Semi-open filters: Especially older diesel cars are fitted with these filters. Inside they have a special coating, just like a catalytic converter.

A closed particulate filter blocks most black smuts and contains sensors that communicate with your car’s computer system. Unfortunately, this type of filter is not suitable for every car. When replacing your particulate filter, it is important to check what type fits your car.

When should your particulate filter be replaced?

When the power of your diesel car reduces and fuel consumption increases, your particulate filter might get clogged or even become defective. In modern diesel cars you will notice a warning light on your dashboard. Sometimes cleaning is sufficient, unfortunately this isn’t always the case.

A clogged or defective particulate filter might be caused by age. If you regularly make short rides, the filter will get clogged faster. After all, the engine won’t become warm, not all black smuts burn and stay behind in the filter.

Costs of replacing a particulate filter

A new particulate filter might cost a lot of money. However, De Boer Auto Onderdelen offers a wide range of used car parts, such as particulate filters. Our modern breaker’s yard daily receives many scrap cars with high-quality parts that deserve a second chance. You can purchase a high-quality particulate filter, at sharp prices.

On the website you will find our current stock of scrap cars and related components. Of course parts are only offered upon completion of the safeguard procedure.

In addition, we also purchase brand-new car parts worldwide, at sharp prices.

More information?

Are you interested in a particulate filter? Please, don’t hesitate to visit our breaker’s yard in Stadskanaal (province of Groningen). Of course you can also contact as by e-mail or telephone. Check our contact data and opening hours.