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Purchase of damaged cars and sales of car parts

Would you like to sell your damaged car or are you looking for inexpensive loose car parts? We have specialized in purchasing damaged cars!

Purchase damaged cars

Would you like to sell your damaged car? We give damaged cars a second chance. We purchase damaged cars from both private persons and companies. Regardless of the damage we can almost always use your car!

First step is the safeguard procedure, of course according to the currently valid RDW standards (=Netherlands Vehicle Authority). It fully exempts the previous car owner of all obligations.

All features, parts and technical aspects are entered in our database. We always have actual, accurate information with regard to our stock.

If you would like to offer your damaged car, please forward some clear pictures, so our sales department can make you a proper offer, without engagement. We can collect your damaged car in the Netherlands, in Belgium and even in other European countries

If we can’t sell your damaged car anymore, we will fully recycle it. Usable parts will get a new destination. The scrap car is disposed of in a responsible way. Our modern, innovative breaker’s yard can almost fully recycle damaged- and scrap cars.

Purchase of damaged cars and sales of car parts

Sales of loose car parts

We offer all car parts and accessories you need.

Our motivated purchase department offers a wide range of used car parts at attractive prices. We have an extensive network of insurance companies that supplies damaged cars. We disassemble the part of those damaged cars.

We offer all kinds of car brands, even luxurious car brands, at attractive prices. You can check our current offer online , or visit us. Due to our daily changing assortment, we advise you to take your chance as soon as you have made your choice!

We have an up-to-date database of our assortment with all kinds of information about our damaged cars and car parts, such as:

  • Date of construction
  • Type of damage
  • Specifications of all car parts
  • Current mileage

We offer spare parts upon completion of the safeguard procedure.

Except for used parts of damaged cars we also purchase brand-new car parts worldwide, at sharp prices.

We will be more than willing to give you tips and advice. After all, disassembling and recycling damaged cars is our profession! Would you like to receive more information about the purchase of damaged cars or sales of used and new car parts? Please, feel free to contact us. We will be at your disposal!

The safeguard procedure