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Replace catalytic converter

Although a catalytic converter has a long life it will, just like other parts, finally break down and must be replaced. A new catalytic converter will cost you a lot of money. Fortunately, De Boer Auto Onderdelen offers both new and used catalytic converter at sharp prices!

The catalytic converter is located at the exhaust, near the engine or under your car. A well-functioning catalytic converter is very important for our environment as it filters out almost 90% of the pollutants from the exhaust gases and converts them into carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapour. In addition, a defective catalytic converter results into higher fuel consumption.

The ceramic block is the main part of the catalytic converter. Due to its small passages, it looks like a honeycomb. It contains precious metals such as platinum, rhodium and palladium. With the chemical reaction created by these precious metals, harmful substances are processed and converted. Finally, the exhaust gases are largely filtered when they leave your exhaust.

Inexpensive catalytic converter replacement

If your catalytic converter is defective, you will notice a warning light in your dashboard. In that case your catalytic converter must be checked and replaced as soon as possible.

Each day our modern breaker’s yard in Stadskanaal (province of Groningen) receives many scrap cars that failed the annual vehicle test. We recycle as much parts as possible, such as catalytic converters.

We offer a wide range of used, high-quality car parts that deserve a second chance. You can purchase a well-functioning catalytic converter at sharp prices.

In our innovative database you will find our entire stock. We receive all kinds of scrap cars, luxurious brand (BMW, Volvo) as well.

You can check our current offer . of scrap cars and accessories online. In our database you will find all technical specifications and information with regard to date of construction and possible damage. In addition, our employees are always willing to think along with you and can give you sound advice!

Besides used car parts we also purchase brand-new parts worldwide as well, at sharp prices. Do you prefer a brand-new catalytic converter? You have come to the right address! Perhaps, we don’t currently have the catalytic converter you are looking for. It might come in in a few days though. Of course we will keep you informed!

Advantages De Boer Auto Parts

Are you interested in our car parts or would you like to buy a brand-new catalytic converter? Of course we will be more than willing to help you!

Car parts are offered, upon completion of the safeguard procedure. As RDW-certified (Netherlands Vehicle Authority) we take care of all (legal) paperwork.

A summary of all our advantages:

  • Wide range of used and new car catalytic converters
  • Considerable saving opportunities thanks to our innovative working method
  • Independent and free professional advice
  • RDW-certified (=Netherlands Vehicle Authority)
  • If you order before 03.00 pm your order will be delivered the next day

Please feel free to visit our breaker’s yard in Stadskanaal (Groningen). Of course you can also contact us by e-mail or telephone. Check our contact data and opening hours!