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Used car parts

Especially if you have an older car, you will have to replace a car part one day. In addition, there are many people who love to tinker with their car. In both cases, you don’t want to spend too much money. Where can you find inexpensive car parts?

De Boer Auto Onderdelen is your solution. Each day, our modern breaker’s yard receives many scrap cars with high-quality parts and materials, that are recycled as much as possible.

Inexpensive car parts

In our database you will find all available car parts, such as particulate filters, catalytic converters, headlights, bonnets or other parts.

We receive all kinds of car brands, even luxurious ones. Our breaker’s yard offers you the opportunity to purchase high-quality parts at sharp prices.

We offer, amongst others:

  • Peugeot Parts
  • Renault Parts
  • Citroen Parts
  • BMW Parts
  • Mercedes Parts
  • Volvo Parts
  • Audi Parts
  • Volkswagen Parts
  • Saab Parts
  • Ford Parts
  • Opel Parts

Besides above mentioned brands we offer used parts from other car brands as well. On our website you will find our current offer of scrap cars and related parts.

In addition, we also purchase brand-new car parts worldwide, at sharp prices.

As RDW-certified breaker’s yard (=Netherlands Vehicle Authority) we take over all (legal) paperwork and only offer our car parts upon completion of the safeguard procedure. In our database we collect information with regard to incoming parts, such as date of construction, mileage, possible damage etc. It avoids unpleasant surprises!

Rare used car parts

Parts of a Youngtimer or an Oldtimer aren’t usually manufactured anymore. Therefore, it might take a lot of effort to find them. De Boer Auto Onderdelen might have them for you, at sharp prices!

Purchasing car parts

Are you looking for a specific car part? We kindly welcome you in our breaker’s yard in Stadskanaal (Groningen). Of course you can also contact us by telephone, e-mail or social media. Our employees will be more than willing to think along and can give you sound advice. After all, it’s their profession! Check our contact data and opening hours. .